Clinic Services

Affordable wellness and minor illness care are available for both cats and dogs of all ages. Preventative care options include vaccination, deworming and parasite prevention, microchipping, and wellness bloodwork. Several packages are available, please see Vet IQ and VIP Petcare‘s websites for details including pricing. In some instances we are unable to estimate pricing prior to performing a record review and medical exam. My clinic dates and locations are available below

What does minor illness really mean?

We do not provide emergent or surgical care, please contact your local vet ER in the event of an emergency.

If you are not sure whether your pet’s illness qualifies as minor or not, I am happy to perform an exam and discuss next steps based on the results. Please be aware that if your pet’s illness is found to be outside of our spectrum of care, you will be asked to take them to a full service facility. Each wellness center has a list of local full service and emergency care options for your convenience.

Care-free Care

Your pet’s comfort is important. Low stress handling not only helps your pet to have a better day at the vet, it also allows for a more thorough and efficient exam. My commitment to humane and effective handling is made clear in the certificates that I have earned. To learn more about how you can set your pet up for behavioral success at the vet and at home, visit Fear Free Happy Homes

At times, considerate approach and counter conditioning are not enough to save the day for pets experiencing fear, anxiety, and stress. If your pet is unable to cope with care in a veterinary setting, anti-anxiety supplements or medication may be necessary before services are able to be performed. Please note that we are unable to provide heavy sedation or anesthesia. 

Clinic Dates

Due to pandemic concerns, care is solely provided through VIP Petcare and Vet IQ Wellness Centers at this time. Listed dates are for service provided by myself, Dr. Denise Johnson.

Please note that if booster vaccination is required, it must be performed within two to six weeks of last vaccination in order to be effective. Additional clinic dates are available with other veterinarians as listed on Vet IQ and VIP Petcare‘s websites to ensure this window is not missed.

This site is currently under construction, thank you for your patience.