Clinic Services

My clinical services are now available on a relief basis through IndeVets. What does this mean for clients? I help to provide care at local clinics on an as-needed basis. This allows me to work with a wide range of people and pets in the Columbus Metropolitan area but continuous care may be challenging. At this time, I am unable to provide a complete list of clinic sites or schedules. 

Long-term Clinic Placements for 2024

By appointment Mondays
(On hiatus due to leave of absence, expected to resume in August 2024)

155 McMillen Drive
Newark, OH

Care-free Care

Your pet’s comfort is important. Low stress handling not only helps your pet to have a better day at the vet, it also allows for a more thorough and efficient exam. My commitment to humane and effective handling is made clear in the certificates that I have earned. To learn more about how you can set your pet up for behavioral success at the vet and at home, visit Fear Free Happy Homes

At times, considerate approach and counter conditioning are not enough to save the day for pets experiencing fear, anxiety, and stress. If your pet is unable to cope with care in a veterinary setting, anti-anxiety supplements or medication may be necessary before services are able to be performed. 

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