Behavior Support

Consulting services provide flexible solutions to set pets and their people up for success. Packages are designed to empower clients to choose the level of support that they prefer, whether they just want resources to do the job themselves or prefer active guidance with comprehensive followup. Behavior consultations are more than just training; they involve thorough assessment and implementation of solutions to fit individual family needs. Learn more about my care philosophy below

Every situation is different and deserves careful consideration before committing to a consultation package. By setting up an initial screening, you can make sure that we are a good fit and find the right package to support you in your behavior goals. This session may be scheduled at a cost of $50, the balance of which will be applied to the behavior consulting package of your choosing. It’s a deposit that ensures the best start for your services. If you decide not to move forward, the information gathered will be used to provide a list of alternative options.

Whatever the challenge,

we can meet it together

Care Philosophy

When we feel better and know better, we do better. My approach to behavior consulting relies on setting goals, meeting individual pet needs, and strengthening the human animal bond through clear and considerate communication. I utilize the Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice combined with a collaborative care model to help clients be engaged and informed participants in the care of their pets.

My active role in the animal behavioral health community is demonstrated by my organization memberships and committee participation. My commitment to humane and effective handling is made clear in the certificates that I have earned. 

Support Packages

Behavior is fascinating, often misunderstood, and always deserving of more consideration. Due to the complexity of behavior as a field and the individual nature of treatment plans, the time required to address concerns can be variable. The following packages are priced with options to suit your comfort level and budget. If none of these options feels like quite the right fit, please contact me to discuss custom package options. 

House calls are available on a limited basis within the Greater Columbus Metropolitan Area. While this service is currently offered at no additional cost, pricing will be changing January 2023. Payment plans are not available at this time. 

Vet to Vet

For those seeking a behavioral medicine consultation, collaboration with your primary veterinary provider is required. Please schedule an initial behavior consult with your veterinarian to review your concerns and discuss whether they are comfortable incorporating a vet to vet consultation into your pet’s care plan. At that point, they must contact me to move forward. Cost of vet to vet consultation varies based on case complexity. After an initial complimentary discussion to confirm clinician involvement and case severity, you will be provided with a price list.

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