Comprehensive wellness through veterinary preventative medicine and behavioral support services.

As a general practitioner of veterinary medicine, I see a diverse caseload. The common thread that runs through each of those different cases is the role of behavioral health. Veterinary wellness encompasses both the body and the behavior. With that in mind, I provide care and consultation services to set pets and their people up for success.

without the stress

Wellness services include preventative care as well as treatment of minor illnesses. Due to COVID-19, clinic dates are limited and all services are provided using a curbside or barrier protocol. For more information and to plan your visit, please review the clinic services page.

Behavior Consulting

remote support

Whether you are seeking to set your pet up for success or require support in addressing an active behavior concern, we can build a consulting package that best fits your needs. Due to COVID-19, all behavior services are provided remotely. 

Professional Partnership

collaborative Learning

How can I help you to feel more confident in the care you provide? My experience includes handling lab facilitation, lecturing, educational content creation, and mentoring. Presentations may be adjusted to suit audiences of any experience level, meeting individual needs. Informal case review is available on a limited basis. Contact me with your request.

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